SEFTA was set up some thirty years ago by a group of timber-related businesses to provide training and health & safety guidance. The membership has grown over the years to 21 members, all of whom greatly benefit from the shared knowledge, experiences from the group and the expertise and services of our operations director.

SEFTA provides member companies with a complete service designed to make Health & Safety compliance less confusing, allowing you to get on with running your business in the knowledge that all of your health and safety needs are taken care of and maintained as legislation and compliance issues change.


  • Organise, coordinate and conduct a training needs analysis, toolbox talks and lectures.

  • Cooperate with other training organisations and authorities and maintain training records.

  • Proactive recruitment of potential companies into the group.

  • Investigate accidents and advice on RIDDOR, liaison with HSE.

  • Conduct PPE inspections

  • Health surveillance monitoring and advice on occupational health.

  • Review and assess workplace risk.

  • COSHH.

  • Manual handling.

  • DSE.

  • Fire risk assessments.

  • Conduct noise surveys.

  • Asbestos monitoring.

  • Vibration monitoring.

  • Face fit testing.

  • Attend Health & Safety Executive meetings and training seminars.

  • Review and conduct internal audits, review and manage KPI's.

  • Identify efficiency savings, business improvement measures, influence behavioural change.

  • Organise group AGM, meetings and seminars.


Alistair Finch

Operations Director (Grad IOSH)

Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety Practice as well as NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management


Alistair Finch is the members' appointed health and safety officer. He is the key contact for all Health & Safety legislation, training and compliance for all 21 member companies including managing the health and safety needs for multi-site buildings, facilities and warehouses, across Kent, East Sussex & Greater London.


How do we keep up with changes and new legislation?

SEFTA receives regular updates from the HSE & IOSH ensuring that we are constantly informed of changes and new legislation within our field. Our operations director is a member of the Kent Health and Safety Consultants Forum, as well as The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).


Equipment and Resources

We use state of the art equipment (such as noise and dust monitoring equipment) enabling us to offer a modern and professional service that fits your expectations and requirements. 


Areas covered

We have a wide geographical reach across the South East, visiting Kent, East Sussex and Greater London with the scope to travel further afield if required.


ISO accreditations

Many of our members have ISO accreditations, which is due, in part, to the processes and practices employed by our operations director.


Smaller businesses

In addition, our advisor will conduct noise monitoring, dust monitoring, light levels and LEV flow. He can construct lessons and toolbox talks to suit your individual requirements.

Membership includes : 

Monthly visits from the SEFTA appointed health & safety officer. 

Advice "on demand" via phone or email (unlimited access to advice).

Membership of the only South Eastern, bespoke tailor-made health, safety and training service, owned and run by its members for its own benefit.



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Pr ivacy Policy: 

Please ask to see our privacy policy by emailing the Operations Director (seftaoffice@gmail.com)